Word Clouds and Visualizations

Using sections of the The Daily Twitter with Voyant Tools and other visualization tools, we were able to narrow down specific parts that were worth further exploring.

Using Voyant Tools

Here, we inserted sections of the Daily Twitter into Voyant Tools. This allowed us to search for key words,
phrases and even dates that narrowed down points of interest.


These are other examples of visualizations that highlight key words used in The Daily Twitter. The objective was to narrow down words or phrases of key interest to think critically about research questions we may ask about the material.


Using the key words from the maps, we were able to think of questions to further explore.


  • Who are the main contributors on the farm?
  • What was each person’s contribution?
  • What did they farm?
  • What type of language was used throughout The Daily Twitter?
  • Does the language used speak to the societal and cultural characteristics of the time it was written?


The maps and visualizations helped us answer those questions.

For example:

The words “Mummy” and “Daddy” appeared many times and are large words in the cloud. From this, we can conclude that they are large contributors to the farm and to the family.


The word clouds and the trend maps offer a lot of opportunities to explore the content. Unfortunately, it provides a very surface-level explanation of things and does not allow us to explore analytically or contextually.

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